360 VR, the Next Level

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360 VR, the Next Level

360 Production

Wouldn’t it be great if you could record everyday experiences in VR and in 360 degrees, such as lectures, presentations, corporate events, and more? Well now you can, in super high definition 8K resolution to boot! With 360 video, not only do you gain the experience of VR, but you are immersed in the environment! With a 360 degree viewing area, the difference between being there and watching it streamed live is smaller than ever before.

360 Post-Production

What good is 360 video without someone to make it look good? Our full service studio provides the complete range of 360 video post-production services, including stitching, color grading, editing, voice-over narration, soundtrack production, and publishing to all platforms, including You-Tube, Facebook, and all others.

360 CGI

Want something added to your video? A pop-up with a speaker’s name? A robot walking around explaining things? A floating 3D advertisement? Not a problem. We specialize in 360 video computer graphics imaging and imagination is the only limit.